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Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Your Trusted Local Family Dentist In Amesbury, MA

Centerpoint Dental of Amesbury, MA is pleased to offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry options to make your smile bigger, brighter & whiter. Whether you are in search of a team to provide you with a complete smile makeover, dentures, a whiter smile, or anything in between we have you covered!  If you are looking for cosmetic dental services, Centerpoint Dental is ready to help you smile confidently again.


Smile Makeover Services in Amesbury, MA

Here at Centerpoint Dental we understand that no one wants a cracked or broken smile, it can affect your confidence and annunciation. That is why our team of highly trained dental professionals provide complete smile makeovers to our patients that suffer from cracked, broken and missing teeth. Our service offerings for smile makeovers include a variety of procedures, both provided as standalone services or paired together. This allows us to tailor our services directly to you, giving you the best possible result. Some of our smile makeover procedures include but are not limited to implants, crowns, teeth whitening, Invisalign®, and more. If you are located in Amesbury, MA or the surrounding area and are in search of a dental office for your a complete smile makeover for you or a family member, contact us today!

Invisalign® Braces in Amesbury, MA

Traditional braces can be bulky, inconvenient and an eye sore, especially if you are older. If you are looking for a great alternative to braces is Invisalign. This is such a great solution, that is sure to improve your smile’s alignment without inconvenience. While Invisalign® braces are required to be worn most of the day, for maximum and best results, they are always removable. This allows you to perform day to day tasks like eating, and oral care, much simpler. Our team is happy to answer any questions, or to schedule an initial appointment to discuss all things braces with you. So if you are seeking a dentist to provide you with Invisalign, contact us today!


Teeth Whitening in Amesbury, MA

At Centerpoint Dental we understand that a pearly white, straight and glowing smile is something everyone would like. That is why at Centerpoint Dental, we are proud to offer professional teeth whitening services that are sure to make your smile glow brighter and whiter! If you are considering teeth whitening services you are allowing your smile to be quickly and vastly improve the overall look and quality of your smile! Our services are safe, extremely effective and long lasting. If you are looking for teeth whitening services please contact us today!

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