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Dental Bonding In Amesbury, MA

Your Trusted Local Dental Bonding Specialists In Amesbury, MA

At Centerpoint Dental of Amesbury, MA we are comprised of the best of the best in terms of cosmetic dental experts! Having such and excellent dental team is what allows us to be doted as one of the best dental bonding specialists in the region, helping you smile bigger and more confidently. We believe that with our dental bonding services, we can provide you with not only an impeccable smile but also improved oral health. To learn more about our dental bonding services, or to schedule an appointment, contact our team in Amesbury, MA today!


Do I Need Dental Bonding Services?

Have you been thinking of the possibility of getting dental bonding treatments? If so, we recommend that you book an intro consultation at our dental practice. Every single patient is different and unique in there own way and there is no better way to determine if dental bonding is right for you than by coming in for a consult. However, in some cases there are times when we are sure dental bonding is right for you. These include if you have a chip or crack in your teeth, are experiencing discoloration, gaps, spaces, or would like the overall shape of your teeth or tooth changed! To learn more if this is right for you, contact us today!

What Is The Process Of Getting Dental Bonding?

Here at Centerpoint Dental our top-of-the-line dental bonding service treatments and services are precisely curated directly to the individual, there needs, wants, and overall look. However, the basic timeline of getting your teeth bonded includes:

  1. Picking A Shade: Once you have committed to the dental bonding treatment, one of our skilled dentists will use a chart to match the color of your your dental implant to the current color of your natural teeth. Ensuring a perfect match every time!
  2. Prepare The Tooth: Once the shade is choses, the area around the bonding will be roughened, this is painless and is done for the bonding material will stick to the surface.
  3. Application Of The Bond: Next the resin will be applied to the area and then it will be perfectly smoothed. During this process your dentist will accurately and precisely fit and smooth the area to match your other teeth. 
  4. Curing Of The Bond:  Once the resin is perfected it is then hardened with a UV light. This light will bond the resin to the tooth, making it last for years upon years.
  5. Polishing: Finally, the last step is the dentist polishing your tooth to ensure a fantastic looking smile!

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a fantastic cosmetic dental service offering that provides benefits to a range of different issues. Whether you are looking to fix a chipped, broken, or cracked tooth, dental bonding is a fantastic option for you! Dental bonding also benefits those who are experiencing a gap, discoloration, or broken teeth. In addition to fixing these cosmetic issues, benefits to bonding including that it is minimally invasive, quick recovery time, cost effective, safety and more! If you have any questions about bonding, contact us today we would be happy to discuss the pro’s and con’s with you!

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