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Teeth Cleanings

Your Trusted Local Family Dentist In Amesbury, MA

As on of top rated dental practices in Amesbury, Centerpoint Dental is proud to provide our patients and visitors with a comfortable atmosphere and top-of-the-line dental services. Ranging from teeth cleanings and general dentistry all the way to complete smile makeovers, our team of professionals is here at every step of your dental journey! We are committed to helping you achieve a healthier and brighter smile and that all starts with our regularly scheduled teeth cleaning services.


Routine Dental Checkups & Cleanings At Centerpoint Dental In Amesbury, MA

Like most dental practices, here at Centerpoint Dental our team recommends that you visit our office every twice a year for a dental cleaning and oral exam. These regularly scheduled cleanings are vital to having excellent oral health and should begin as soon as a child begins teething and continue through adulthood. Having a dental checkup every six months allows our team of dentists and dental hygienists an opportunity to look and asses your overall oral and dental health. If you are looking for a dental practice in the Massachusetts’s area to scheduled routine dental cleanings for you, family or friends, give us a call at Centerpoint Dental. We are accepting new patients and would love to help you achieve the highest standard of oral health.

What Do Dental Cleanings At Centerpoint Dental Entail?

Here at Centerpoint Dental our routine cleanings include:

  • We will begin with a discussion about your overall oral health, your dental routine (brushing/flossing habits) and if you have any recent pain, discomfort or concerns. 
  • Next an oral exam will be preformed by a dental hygienist. During this time any necessary X-rays will be taken, and we will begin performing dental scaling. Dental scaling is the cleaning off of any plaque build-up on the teeth.
  • Next, your teeth will be brushed with professional grade toothpaste that will remove any debris left behind.
  • Finally, your teeth will be flossed and your mouth will be rinsed, sending you on your way!

If you are located in Amesbury, MA or the surrounding area and are in search of a dental office for your routine cleanings and check-ups, contact us today!


Why Do I Need My Teeth Cleaned Regularly?

Routine dental cleaning are one of the most essential part of having a positive and healthy smile! Without them you pose the risk of gum disease, cavities, plaque build-up and more!  The benefits of receiving teeth cleanings at Centerpoint Dental include but are not limited to:

  • Healthy teeth bones and gums.
  • Oral protection (longer lasting adult teeth)
  • Early detection of oral cancer, periodontal issues and cavities.
  • An overall healthier smile.
  • A whiter smile.

Rid the potential of gum disease, infections, increased risk of oral cancer, bad breath, tartar buildup, and call Centerpoint Dental today to achieve a better and healthier smile! 

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