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Oral Cancer Screening

Your Trusted Local Oral Screening Dentist In Amesbury, MA

Known  for being Amesbury, MA’s top dental office, the well-rounded and educated dental team at Centerpoint Dental is pleased to offer all of our patients, both adults and children, oral cancer screenings. No matter if you choose to come into our office specifically for an oral cancer screening or you are getting a routine dental checkup, our team is ready and capable to detect and help you prevent any oral health issues immediately. Please contact us today to schedule your dental checkup or oral cancer screening, we would be thrilled to assist you in your oral health journey.


Oral Cancer Dental Check-Ups In Amesbury, MA

Here at Centerpoint Dental we will scan and check your mouth for oral cancer at every singly regular dental checkup. These dental checkups should take place every 6 months or two times a year. During our oral cancer screenings one of our skilled and trained dentists will take a deep look on the inside of your mouth. During this checkup, which is completely painless, the dentist will look around for red patches, white patches or mouth sores. Then they will feel around your gums and mouth to take a look for lumps or anything that seems abnormal. If you are located in Amesbury, MA or the surrounding area and are in search of a dental office for your oral cancer screenings and check-ups, contact us today!

When Should I Get Checked For Oral Cancer In Amesbury, MA

Here at Centerpoint Dental in Amesbury, we recommend that anyone above the age of 18 should begin getting screened for oral cancer. However, if you are younger than 18 and have potential for high risk, you should get screen earlier and/or more regularly. High risk and other factors that can further increase the risk for oral cancer includes but is not limited too: 

  • Tobacco: if you use tobacco of any kind, which includes the use of e-cigarettes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco and anything else containing tobacco.
  • Alcohol: Heavy consumption of alcohol on a regular basis is another reason to get screened for oral cancer. 
  • Previous Diagnosis: If you have had a previous diagnosis of oral cancer, you must get checked more regularly.
  • Sun Exposure: If you are constantly in the sun without lip SPF or SPF in general you may be at an increased risk for lip cancer, meaning you should get checked for oral as well.

Common Signs Of Oral Cancer

The best way to know if you have oral cancer, an infection, or any other dental/oral issue, is by contacting Centerpoint Dental and coming in for a visit. At your visit we will fully examine your oral health and determine the best course of action for whatever issue you are encountering. However, common signs and symptoms of oral cancer may include:

  • A lip or inner mouth sore.
  • A white or red colored patch, located on the inside portion of your mouth.  
  • Loose  adult teeth
  • A small, medium, or large sized lump located or growing on the inside your mouth
  • Generalized mouth pain
  • Ear pain
  • Difficultly when swallowing

If you are currently encountering or dealing with any persistent signs or oral pain, discomfort, or anything abnormal to your usual oral health, please call us today! We will be happy to assist you with whatever issue you are encountering.

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